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The art of stone

Aystone is a genderless brand that goes beyond gender labels. It creates elegant jewelery-sculptures to wear and feel. The stone from a natural element becomes a light and symbolic accessory. Each creation is unique. Hand-modeled to enhance its characteristics in its different shapes and colors, keeping its soul intact. Each stone communicates vigor, refinement, sensuality and energy.


Silent but powerful voice of all the mountains of the world.

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Ovoid | Spirit of Nature

The spherical shapes are the language of Mother Nature.
Aystone makes the round shape the primary alphabet of his collection: bow ties, buckles, pendants, chokers, bracelets are naturally refined.

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papillon-sierra-in-marmo papillon-sierra-in-marmo papillon-sierra-in-marmo

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Bow tie

Uruk Spirit of City

The linear forms are the language of man. Aystone is

inspired by geometry to create its collection, symbol of stability, balance and order. Buckles, pendants, bow ties, bracelets are minimalist.

Bow tie unique

Artisan Creations

Tailor-made works

Aystone makes its creations by hand. Spend time searching for uniqueness and the balance between design and lightness. Select each stone carefully, preserving its natural properties and characteristics.

Consistently and conforming to the lines of Aystone's creations, it is possible to customize shapes or engravings and request stones not present in the shop. Contact us:

Limited Edition

Aystone is attentive to the evolution of trends. It creates collections in limited numbers and culturally inspired: from ancient symbols to contemporary stylized signs.

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The Aystone warranty lasts 5 years and covers all the small parts, that is the small mechanical components that could deteriorate: the attachment systems of the buckles and bow ties; the automatic buttons ' clips 'of the belts and bracelets.

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The designer


Giacomo travels between art, craftsmanship and design. He was born as a self-taught sculptor in 2003 and four years later he created the first design objects for interior furnishing. In 2010 he created his first paintings-sculptures in marble and material (earth , resin, rust, leather, wood). Moved by the need to lighten the stone, his art evolves, passing from the 100kg of the first works to the 40gr of a marble bow tie. Thus began the Aystone adventure in 2016.

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